Building Affected by Chemical Reaction, Not Yet Occupied

The twenty-one storey building whose residents were evacuated following a chemical reaction, has yet not been given the green signal to be occupied. The affected structure, Electra Building would have to remain vacant until the environmental tests conducted on it, are released.

Though, there has not been any new information released, regarding whether the building still needs further tests. The 166 residents of the building have been living in hotels ever since the building was evacuated.

Will Johnston, Chief Building Official of Vancouver in an announcement informed that according to the preliminary investigations conducted, the contractor responsible for the chemical reaction did not have a permit to carry out operations.

He added that they would have to find out whether the work he was doing and the equipment that was involved, required a permit from the Government. The Company was also being run without a proper license as well; investigations are on, regarding the subject.

The reason behind the chemical reaction that took place in the building was due to the industrial foam used to raise a slab of the sidewalk. The chemical was used right at the entrance of the building. The amount of foam used was a lot more than required, which caused the chemical reaction and discomfort, and ultimately the evacuation of the building.