Insight into Artistic Side of Inmates on Display at Brolga Theatre

It has been said by a Fraser Coast community group in south-east Queensland that an exhibition taking place at the Brolga Theatre was a virtual proof of the thoughts of prisoners, housed at the Maryborough Correctional Centre.

Last night, an exhibition that features over 150 art and craft work by cellmates was opened that will run till Friday.

Judy Anderson, President of Friends of the Brolga, said the styles of the art by prisoners comprise Indigenous and pop art, ceramics and sketches.

She said that a few of those prisoners were finding a safe place for themselves in life, and definitely, this form helped more because they could openly exhibit their emotions and feelings.

Also, she is of the stance that this method of expression was apt for the inmates, and they have been able to find that side of their own personality, which had been uncovered until now.

Ms. Anderson thinks that the exhibition is a commanding insight into the feeling of prison-mates.

With time, the prisoners have been able to get rid of their anger, and it is clearly evident in their art work.

The good thing is that they have only progressed from what initially they had started.