New Combination Therapy to Treat Asthma Discovered

A recent study’s results have been presented at the in-progress 2010 Annual European Respiratory Society Congress.

It has been indicated that a new combination therapy including fluticasone propionate, which is the most commonly inhaled corticosteroid in Europe with formoterol fumarate (FORM), which is a long-acting beta2-agonist distinguished by a rapid beginning of action matched with the efficiency of the fluticasone propionate/salmeterol xinafoate recipe, which is at present one of the best players in the European market, could be used.

Also, the presentation divulged that the novel FP/FORM combination therapy showed faster initiation of action in comparison to FP/SAL combination therapy.

The main aim behind carrying out the study has been of establishing an optional approach towards treating asthma, which in turn would help improved techniques at managing the disease.

The Centre of Academic Primary Care at the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom’s Professor, David Price in his comments said that there yet lay a lot of challenges regarding attaining optimal control upon asthma condition in patients.

He said, “The data presented today demonstrate the good efficacy profile of the FP/FORM combination and reinforce its potential to become an alternative treatment option for people suffering from asthma”.