Clinton Hosts Event and Urges All To Fight Child Malnutrition

In an endeavor to fight the menace of child malnutrition, U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday hosted an event and encouraged all to come forth and contribute in the fight.

While hosting the event with Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin at the InterContinental hotel in New York City, Clinton urged all to ensure that better nutrition for children, in particular those who are two years old and younger, should be given.

The event named, ‘1,000 Days: Change a life, Change the Future’ was co-sponsored by the two countries, and has been essentially conceptualized to deal with the problem of child undernutrition.

The event was attended by various prominent leaders that included Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, Sam Kuteesa.

Highlighting the problem, Clinton said, "Undernutrition is major problem for which we have basic, affordable solutions, such as vitamin and mineral supplements, fortified foods, and nutrition education".

She added that the first 1,000 days of a child's life that start from mothers' pregnancy till a child is 2 years old, had the most crucial impact on his or her future. However, hundreds of millions of children still had no access to adequate nutrition.

Clinton also said that the success of the initiative would be measured by the results that they have been able to achieve; and not by the amount of resources that have been spent.