New Healthcare Law: Limitations on Insurers Yet Better Coverage for Patients

Health insurance Companies across the US, especially in California, Illinois, Florida, and Connecticut, made an announcement saying that they will not take part in the new healthcare act, which was implemented by Obama’s administration. This new law would be taking effect on Thursday, obliging the insurance companies to provide children under the age of 19 years old with medical insurance coverage despite the children’s medical condition.

Among the insurance Companies that would be joining this move against the new law are Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Incorporation, Cigna, and other several major health insurers. These health insurance companies object on the limitation this law is putting on their authority over the policies they provide.

However, Kathleen Sebelius, the Health Secretary, commented on the law saying that it would finally give the amount of care and security to those who have been in need of it for so long. She said that this new law “is getting rid of some of the worst rules of the industry that prevented people from getting covered at all or, at a time they needed coverage the most, limited the coverage they had".

Still, a compromise must be made between the health regulators of the country and the health insurance Companies, at least before January, in order to provide the public with the most convenient agreement.