FDA Advisory Panel Supports GM Salmon, Demands Additional Research

The advisory panel on the Food and Drug Administration has shown support towards the notion of genetically modified salmon, which it has deemed safe to be consumed. However, at the same time it said that additional research was essential.

"I wouldn't feel alarmed at eating this kind of fish”, said Gary Thorgaard, a Washington State University Professor and one of the panel members.

The agency is under the process of weighing out whether to give approval to the AquAdvantage salmon from AquaBounty Technologies Inc., and if it does give consent on the same, it would be the first one to have given approval to the genetically modified animal, giving it a thumbs-up for consumption.

An evaluation made by the panel members has been released, as they came to a conclusion that genetically modified salmon was safe enough to be eaten and also that it did not cause any major threat to the environment.

But, some panel members said that they did see a few weaknesses in the level of research that has been conducted by AquaBounty.

James McKean, a Professor at Iowa State University and panel associate, said that the real data was missing and that the analysis was a bit hazy.