iForce Nutrition Recalls Reversitol on FDA’s Advice

After a plea from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), iForce Nutrition has recalled its dietary supplement known as Reversitol from the market.

The supplement contains 6-Etioallochol-1,4-Diene-3,17-Dione, also called as ATD, which according to FDA is not in line with the standards of a dietary ingredient set by FDA and thus breaches the provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

As part of the recall, the retailers of Reversitol have been urged to stop selling the product. The consumers have also been barred using the same and return the leftover supplements to iForce Nutrition.

Though the supplement’s sale was also ceased last year in December by the manufactures through retail stores, it was available online. Reversitol that contains aromatase inhibitors can pose risk of dampened rate of bone maturation and growth, reduction in sperm generation, infertility, violent behavior, adrenal inadequacy, kidney failure, and liver dysfunction. The makers have been urged by FDA to communicate the harmful effects of the supplements to the consumers.

Though the Company has not received any complaints regarding the adverse effect of the supplement, it has recalled the product on FDA’s advice. However, the recall won’t affect the commercialization of Reversitol V2, which is free from ATD.