Vodafone unveils HTC desire along with 3

HTC Corporation's latest device, HTC Desire HD, which runs on Google's Android operating system has said that the device will be available in Australia under the banner of Vodafone and 3. The collaboration of these two companies has the exclusive rights for selling it.

The price and the launch date has not been announced till now and it will be done very soon.

Meanwhile, there is also news that HTC's HTC Desire Z is already undergoing the phase of preorder excess. The first dispatch of the same is expected to take place sometime closer to October 16. It is going to be priced a little above £30 if purchased from T-Mobile.

As for the features, HTC Desire in all its forms comes with some common service. While each handset, has its own differences. The price differentiation is also based on these different features. Take for example, keyboard-equipped Android handset. This is going to cost the user £30 if purchased from mobile Phones Direct.

T-Mobile is said to be the most competitive when it comes to providing best deals in HTC phones and HTC Desire is no different. Vodafone and O2 are also offering competitive prices.