Boston Thinks about Prohibiting Sugary Beverages

According to reports, Boston is mulling over to put a ban on sugary beverages in the city-owned buildings.

It is noteworthy that smoking in bars and trans-fats in eateries are already prohibited in Boston. The city has called on health, education, and housing heads to come out with a policy, which focuses on lowering the intake of sugar-sweetened sodas and other drinks.

Panel member Bill Walczak, chief of a community health center, told The Boston Globe that in order to bring the consumption of sugar-loaded beverages under control, "somebody has to take a stand". These sugary drinks are partially responsible for the obesity epidemic that has engulfed the country.

It is reported that New York is also thinking about an interdict on smoking in public parks and seashores.

Prior this year, San Francisco’s Mayor had ordered for the prohibition of sale of sugary beverages, while New York had forced regulations overseeing the mix of drinks in city vending machines to support water.

During an interview with the Boston Globe, Barbara Ferrer, Executive Director of the Boston Public Health Commission, said that there will be a lot of antagonism if they implement a straight ban.

Ferrer states, “Unlike tobacco that is always harmful and if a person is smoking in the workplace it harms other people, I think people will look at sugar-sweetened beverages differently".