Is child obesity an infectious disease?

The researchers have claimed that they have found a strong relationship in between the development of childhood obesity and the infection caused by a strain of cold virus.

According to the report of Dr. Charles Gabber and his colleagues of the University of California San Diego among a group of 124 children, antibodies and adenovirus 36 were detected in almost 22% of the children having obesity but it was found in only 7% of the children of those who were weighted in the normal range.

After the several findings the researchers have reported that the mean weight in those who carried the antibodies to virus was 92.9 kilogram but the mean weight of those who were antibody negative was 69.1 kilogram.

Even if the relation between obesity and virus is proven, the weight gain is a big issue of worry as it involves the genetic, culture and environment of a person.

Researchers found that most of the people become obese if the people around them get over weighted. Weight gain is becoming a big issue in the world as people have forgotten about the physical exercise.