Liam Fox warns of electromagnetic disruptions due to solar flares

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has highlighted the fear that once-in-a-century phenomenon of a large solar flare could cause electromagnetic disruptions which could paralyse the earth.

Earlier this year, NASA scientists had warned that large solar flares could be caused by a peak in the sun's energy cycle in 2012 or 2013, which would be powerful enough to leave many countries, including the UK, without crucial communication signals.

The electromagnetic disruptions could widespread power blackouts around the world by crippling electrical equipment as well as satellites that are orbiting our planet.

The super-flares that cause electromagnetic disruptions occur once in every hundred years. The last major flare had disrupted the early telegraph system in the mid-nineteenth century, and the scientists fear that a similar event now could paralyse modern life totally as it could hit computers, telephones and water & food supplies.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, former US government advisor Avi Schnurr, warned that a major solar flare could cause a permanent blackout through out the world.

Commenting on the issue, he said, "The most severe affects would be destruction of big transformers that make it possible to send all the electrical power through the electric grid.”

Defence Secretary Liam Fox is going to attend a summit scientists and security advisers who believe country’s infrastructure is vulnerable to electromagnetic disruptions.