Bungie’s Halo: Reach selling like hot cakes

The success of Bungie’s recently released Halo: Reach can be estimated from company’s claim that the game hit over $200 million in day one sales.

Bungie claims that Halo: Reach has already been shifted in huge numbers, and according that it has been played millions of times by thousands gamers within just a week since its launch on September 14th.

The game has secured high scores in different reviews for being top quality and indisputably striking in its accomplishments. It features best visuals, guns and environments that make the game the top entertainment launch of the year thus far.

The Sci-fi influential first-person shooter Halo: Reach is crafted around a tragedy in the game world's fiction: the fall of planet Reach that lies between Earth and alien invaders, known as the Covenant. The story of the game is set in 2552 on planet Reach.

In the game, the thickly populated Reach is the last line of defence between Earth and the Covenant. The struggle get a kick start after the aliens of the Covenant plans to erase all humans from plant Reach and then attack Earth.