Scientists Find a Better Way to Get Rid of the Flaps

Scientists at Zeltiq managed to develop a device that function the same way as liposuction. The device, called CoolSculpting, works by freezing the fat cells, which constitutes the body flaps of the beer bellies and the love handles. As they get frozen, the fat cells die.

Due to the fact, this device offers a painless alternative to patients looking for a liposuction; CoolSculpting seemed to take down the surgeries and the other costly solutions of plastic surgeries. In addition, CoolSculpting costs around quarter the amount of money that patients pay for liposuction, and at the same time, it only takes from one to three hours.

The best advantage of the CoolSculpting device is that it does not allow the fats to come back, even after three years. Such results were revealed by Mitchell Levinson, the founder of Zeltiq.

The CoolSculpting was approved on by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a week ago and has already hit the markets in Britain, costing around £80,000, which is equal to $133,000.

Debbie Scott, a 60-year-old American who went to Paris to try the treatment, said, "It's uncomfortable but not painful. For the next couple of days you touch the area and it's numb but after a month the bulge had shrunk".