Queensland Health Dissolves Ties with ALP

Payroll problems at Queensland Health have put into force its pronouncement of undoing its relations with the Australian Labor Party, as informed by the Queensland Nurses Union.

Prior to the pay controversy, the nurses had decided not to go ahead with renewing of affiliation for the subsequent year.

But on the other hand, Gay Hawksworth, QNU Secretary said that the Government might possibly see it as a slap on its face.

She said, "I'm sure they will feel that way, particularly in view of the payroll debacle and the way that Queensland Health employees are feeling at the moment".

It is possible that the plan might cost $50,000 each year to the ALP.

It was learnt that the QNU was the single union branch of the state in Australia, which had the affiliation.

John-Paul Langbroek, opposition Leader said that all the unions ought to show stronger antagonism and resistance against asset sales.

He said that they were acting in the same way as Pakistan cricket team on asset sales, just showing off to be playing really hard, whereas it is the opposite.

Hawksworth said that the union learnt that it has been over six months that nurses were not paid correct payment amounts.