Royal Glenora Sues 11 Companies for Flood Damages

The devastating flood that ruined the assets of the Royal Glenora Club last year incurred loss of around $5.4 million in repairs and cleanup costs, which the club is endeavoring to recover by suing the Companies involved in the damage.

The damage was caused by the construction people in July 2009, who were working to create club’s new aquatic centre. While they were installing pilings for the centre, they accidently busted a water main that caused floods in the club grounds and destroyed the athletic facilities tennis, badminton and squash courts, locker-room facilities and the skating rink.

The club has now sued 11 Companies who were carrying out the construction work of aquatic centre. The claim was filed with Court of Queen's Bench, the last month. As per one of its statements, the Companies who worked on the project are responsible for damages and therefore, they must compensate for the same.

The claim says, "The striking of the water line and resultant release of water was caused or contributed to by the negligence of breach of contract of the defendants or their employees, agents, contractors or servants".

As per the claims made by the Royal Glenora Club, it cost it $5.4 million to rehabilitate the damaged premises and to clean up the facility after the flood.

As soon as the water started flowing into the club, the members were sent out of it by then. The water also filled up the parking lot and dunked 10 vehicles partially. The water hole was plugged in by Epcor crews taking four hours.