Downtown Vancouver Evacuated, Tower Residents Still Need to Wait

People living in downtown Vancouver’s 21 storey building had to evacuate the building after toxic fumes intimidated the safety of residents and they are still waiting to know when they’d be able to re-enter their homes.

On Friday, when the crews had been working at the basement of the old BC Hydro building, they spilled urethane foam that is generally used to raise concrete, which is when the trouble started.

The foam in general becomes hard, but the officers said that the huge quantity of the foam initiated a chemical reaction, which then caused smoke swell out of the basement and therefore, toxic fumes spread all over the blocks.

Friday night, residents were granted permission to get back to their houses; however, after noticing more fumes on Saturday, the crew members had to ask the residents to evacuate the place once more.

The apprehension that has risen now is that the chemical might have contaminated all the things, from carpets to curtains.

Gabe Roder, Vancouver fire Captain said that his crew could not affirm upon when the residents could be allowed to get back to their houses, but it might take some time prior to stating that the place is safe.