Traditional CPR’s Value

With gigantic number of instances of cardiac arrest in BC, a majority of them have survived the challenge, for which, new CPR techniques could be accredited. But the question is whether the traditional CPR is more efficient!

A few years ago, if anyone had to learn CPR, one had to keep in mind about the correct numbers of chest compressions that needed to be given to a patient.

A person suffering from heart attack out of hospital has very meager chances of surviving the occurrence, with mere 8% to 22% of sufferers being able to be revived by the time they are brought to the hospital, and only 2-8% being successful at surviving it.

Talking about compression-only CPR, just like the traditional CPR faring good results, it too does the same and such is only because rescue breaths in actuality are able to supply more oxygen to the important organs in the serious moments.

But, studies have been able to find that in non-cardiac causes for heart attack, such as drug overdose, or other choking instances, more number of people receiving traditional CPR against compression-only CPR, were saved.