View giant planet Jupiter on Tuesday

According to sources, people will be able to see a best night view of Jupiter via telescope on Tuesday night as the gas planet will be at its closest approach to earth since 1951 and everyone is hoping for a clear sky to view the giant planet.

On that night the biggest planet of our solar system and the sun will be positioning at opposite ends of the sky. Earth will be closet to Jupiter since last 50 years and according to Earthsky. com this will never happen again until the year 2022.

People are advised to use a large pair of binoculars if they do not have the telescope to view the amazing site in the sky.

People will be able to see the big moon of the big planet in a line extending from the center of the planet.

Viewers are advised to look for the planet near the moon in the southeastern sky in the UK. This closest approach of the giant planet would not affect the earth in any manner but the oceans would be possibly slightly affected by the tremendous gravitational force of the gas giant.