Debate on Genetically Modified Salmon Continues

According to reports, on Monday, a debate is going on in a hotel ballroom in suburban Washington, D. C. and the topic of discussion is that whether the FDA should give a green flag to the first genetically modified animal.

A fast growing Atlantic salmon is a product from the house of AquaBounty, which is a small biotech firm, based in Massachusetts. The fish has an extra growth gene that allows it to grow two times as quick as a usual farm-developed salmon.

The Food and Drug Administration said in a posting prior to the Monday’s meeting that the studies carried out by AquaBounty confirm that the gene is safe for the salmon, safe for human consumption, and harmless for the surroundings.

Last week, during a press conference with the media, Ron Stotish, President and CEO of AquaBounty said, “This is a produce that we’re very proud of, we think has a very important role in the future supply of a safe and sustainable seafood product to the citizens of our country”.

However, some scientists are of the view that the agency should take some more time to decide the fate of the fish. They say that the FDA should extract more information before the product hits the market.

Meanwhile, the FDA has said that the AquaBounty salmon will contain the same nutrients, fatty acids and minerals that a normally grown salmon has and it will not cause any kind of damage.