Weight Loss Allows Harmful Chemicals to Circulate in the Body

A study was carried out by the Scientists from the US, Norway and South Korea for seven of the most dangerous pollutants. This 10 year study involved around 1,099 people over 40.

The study was carried out following the reports, which suggest that weight loss permitted that harmful pollutants stored in our body to circulate in the bloodstream.

The study revealed that all the people who had lost their weight had higher levels of PCB169, a brain and nervous system damaging toxin and DDE, a pesticide which is often linked with breast cancer, Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s disease.

Lead researcher Duk-Hee Lee of Kyungpook National University said, “Weight loss could be harmful if it leads to the release of toxins from fat tissue and increases the concentration of persistent organic pollutants (POPs). It means they can reach critical organs through the circulation”.

Yet another study established that any kind of dieting to reduce body weight was likely to increase risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This was so because during weight loss the body tends to produce an increased number of stress hormones.

Furthermore Janna Koppe, of Amsterdam University remarked that if the babies happened to get exposed to high levels of these chemicals, there was a probability of these kids developing diabetes as teenagers.