Healthcare Reform Law’s Few Provisions to Become Applicable on Sept 23

The White House highlighted the data released by the United States Census Bureau that showed though the health insurance covered an additional 4.4 million Americans in 2009 than 2008; still 50.7 million of US residents were deprived of health coverage in the previous year, which the health care reform law claims to reduce by 32 million.

The Affordable Care Act that was approved by President Barack Obama six months back will assist people in accessing to high quality healthcare at reasonable prices, as stated by Nancy Ann Deparle, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform in one of her articles on the White House Blog.

She further added that the insurance coverage will swell to 32 million Americans as per the provisions in the healthcare reform law. From next week onwards, numerous regulations of the health reform law will become applicable.

One of the provisions is that insurance Companies permit the young adults to remain covered under their parents’ insurance plan till they reach the age of 26.

Other provisions include: prohibiting insurance houses to nullify client’s coverage if he/she gets ill or makes a technical mistake on his or her application; ban on any discriminatory activity against children with pre-existing conditions; ruling out lifetime limits on the funds of health plans to be used for benefits.

For the health insurance coverage plan that will be taken after September 23, the insurance Companies are required to cover services such as mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations, pre-natal and new baby care. The insurers will be given a primary care provider of their choice.