Sony planning to release 3D-enabled PS3 games

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony announced at the Tokyo Game Show that it was planning to release 3D enabled games for its recently released Move motion-sensing controller, Softpedia reported.

Softpedia also reported that Sony announced 3-D Blue-ray movie support for its PlayStation 3 console with a firmware update that would be released on September 21.

Sony has made the announcements at a time when industry analysts are debating the success of the new technology in the international market.

Doubting the success of technology, Heavy Iron Studios’ chief executive Lyle Hall said, “3-D won’t be a meaningful experience for three to five years.”

The company is pushing the technology, keeping in mind its 3-D enabled televisions. However, in that case the market will remain small for the company to expand because there is not enough 3D content on television to make it worth purchasing expensive pair of glasses to view the content.

But, Sony turned down all anti-3D opinions, claiming that they are promoting the technology in content and that the 3D titles will cost the same as their 2D variants cost.