No Effect of Recession on the Crime Rates of US

Despite the aggressive period recession since July 2008, the crime rates in the US have not increased over last two years.

The Federation of Small Business has revealed that from July 2008, the crime rate has been the same, neither it has increased nor decreased.

The head of customer risk management at AXA Insurance, Douglas Barnett has made a comment on the crime rates of US that according to their findings, rate of crime has been consistent.

“We expected to see a rise in business crime between 2008 and 2010, as crime usually rises during recessions, but it has stayed level. Businesses have been much more aware of the need to protect themselves against crime”, she added.

She also informed that additional security measures have been taken by many small firms, which include employing security personnel, alarm installation and improvements in locks.

Many of the firms look forward for the help of local police. With the aim of targeting staff and the customers, criminals acquire intimidating behavior and this is the most common way of committing business crime.

Also, vandalism and criminal damage are the typical ways adopted by the criminals. There is another common damaging toll to hit the Companies that is E-crime. Welsh businesses spend so much of money on security that they have to tackle 400 million pounds loss each year.