UNAids Fears Shortage of Funds in AIDS Prevention Program

Massive shortage of funds has threatened the decade-long movement against the spreading of AIDS/HIV in sub-Saharan regions of Africa which recently has witnessed the decrease in spreading rate of the deadly disease by

The battle against AIDS/HIV is one the path of success, and is in the list of eight Millennium Development Goals being ranked at sixth place, with the main aim being reducing the spread of disease by 2015. The rate of spread of the disease has reduced by 25% in 22 countries of the sub-Saharan region of Africa.

Michel Sidibe, the head of UN HIV/Aids agency UNAids, said, “The world has made a giant leap towards reaching MDG 6. It is within our grasp”.

He expressed his fear about the possible shortage of funds for the AIDS spread prevention program as European countries were to reduce the funds by $623m for the current year.

UNAids revealed that currently $25.9bn is required, out of which only $15.9bn is available for the program.

UNAids has advised the government to allocate their revenues between 0.5 and 3%, depending upon the spread of the disease in respective countries for fighting against AIDS.

Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries are at high risk of expanding HIV/AIDS, with a current rate of new 500 infections per day.

In New York, the meeting of World Leaders is scheduled for next week for discussing the current trends in the Millennium Development Goals, which were set a decade ago with an aim of reducing poverty and hunger.