Hannah Poling’s Autism Development Accredited to Vaccines

In the most recent times, the representatives at the National Autism Association (NAA) gave their approval to the verdict offered by the federal claims court that acknowledged vaccinations had in fact been responsible in developing autism in Hannah Poling, whose mental development abilities regressed after getting jabbed with nine vaccinations in one day.

He was merely 18 months old at that time.

A statement was issued by the Government that determined the vaccinations administered had increased the chances of non-diagnosed mitochondrial disorder, which offered a byproduct in the form of onset of autism, however, did not cause it.

Lori McIlwain, NAA Board Chair and parent in reaction said that no one was tricked with the words game.

It was high time that Government confessed that the vaccines are potential of causing autism in kids and it was extremely important to learn from Poling’s cases that prevention measures ought to be taken to seldom the instance from repeating itself.

It was recently reported that almost 1,300 cases of brain injuries had to be compensated in the last 20 years, which mainly had been triggered because of vaccinations.

Rita Shreffler, the Executive Director of the NAA commented on the situation: “We’ve got to stop thinking of autism as a mysterious disorder with no known causes”.