Sony starts Selling PS3 Move

The motion sensing device for Play Station 3 has arrived to the stores for sale three days earlier than the proposed date and one ad half month before Microsoft launches its competing asset Kinect in the market.

Sony has released its latest Play Station 3 Move three days earlier as an advance move in its battle with its rival Microsoft and Nintendo. The motion sensing device was scheduled to arrive at stores on 19rth September but it is available in most of the stores like Best Buy and Amazon. com three days earlier.

Sony has released its new add-on to its Play Station 3 keeping the new release of Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor in mind. Sony and Microsoft both the firms are providing lots of facilities and new technologies to hold their feet amongst the video game players.

The new product of Sony, PS3 Move will allow a player to play the video game by moving a handled wand. This PS3 Move system also includes a camera which connects the handled controller and PS3 together.

The system along with one game will cost 100 dollars and additional wands will cost up to 50 dollars per unit.