Worrying Admissions’ Figure in Nova Scotia Universities Likely to Push Tuition Rates

A new report concerning the university system reported that dropping scenario in enrolments at Nova Scotia universities and bad-positioned provincial Government were pushing the tuition fees higher.

Tim O’Neill, Economist in his report released on Friday said that tuition fee increases would at the same time need to offer improved system, like offering improved assistance to the students.

O’Neill thinks that going ahead with restructurings of large-scale universities, like University of Nova Scotia, would not be good idea, but a lot of schools would need to be restructured because of their terrible conditions.

In his recommendations, he said that the three, NSCAD and Mount Saint Vincent universities in Halifax and the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Bible Hill should give a thought at collaborating with bigger university.

In his report, he has reported of challenges that in the upcoming 10 years universities will have to face.

It is quite probable that funding coming from the Government for such universities is slowing down day by day, and that with this, some impact will be seen on the fiscal health of these universities.

The Economist said that with lesser funds, universities might look for adjustments of the deficit with cost-cutting techniques like reducing salaries and charging more fees.