Flaherty Insists On Empty Chair

It has been reported that Jim Flaherty, the Federal Finance Minister, delivered many messages that were quite strong in Banff at Global Business Forum where he was the keynote speaker at their luncheon on Friday.

A lot of things were said about the reluctance of the Quebec and Alberta governments regarding the objections about the regulations of the national security. The stability of the banking system of the country was also taken into count. He made it certain that he pointed out to everyone in the crowd and it was also rightly received.

It was also reported that Ted Morton, the Finance Minister of Alberta was quite stone faced till the end of the meeting.

He also mentioned that supervision of capital markets was the only empty chair present in the table. He also said that the federal Government did not want to compromise on the energy sector, mostly because it was not in the best interests. The other thing that he mentioned was that the number of environmental issues was already huge and that it could neither be minimized nor exaggerated. Making structural changes to it was proposed, but it was certain that it would not work, because it would only end up hampering the access to the capital and create new problems.