Dr. Mayr Awarded For Outstanding Research in Detecting Diabetes

Blood test costing just £2 is being developed to detect the symptoms of heart disease and diabetes in the persons.

The test will speed up the process of diagnosing and treating the patients for the two largest killer diseases of Britain.

Diabetes and its complications are already costing £9billion to NHS per year.

The taxpayers annually are paying £1.7billion per year for heart diseases.

The test detects the levels of genetic molecule in the blood, the same molecule microRNA (MiR), is known to be associated with heart and artery diseases.

Dr. Manuel Mayr of King's College London, the chief scientist of the study expects MiR tests will be in alignment with the conventional methods.

MiR-126, type of micro-RNA, shields the blood vessels from damage.

Diabetes and heart diseases mainly associated with obesity, which is spreading like a flue in Britain. Heart attacks are causing deaths in Brits every six minutes.

Heart disease along with stroke claims 200,000 lives every year in Britain.

Around 2 million people are suffering from type2 diabetes thus making them 2 to 5 times more prone to heart attack.

Also, 822 people aged between 40 and 79 have been studied by Dr. Mayr.

The results have been published in journal of Circulation Research.

Dr. Mayr has been awarded with British Society for Cardiovascular Research award for this extra-ordinary research.