Manitoban Woman Becomes First Person to Be Cut into Half

Janis Olson from Manitoba and her family are in the limelight and almost every magazine house wants to feature the family in its magazine.

The reason is because she has become the first person in the world to be cut totally into half, so as to remove cancerous midsection and then be placed back together into one.

On Friday, the woman was at her daughter’s school to inform students regarding Sunday's Terry Fox Run and that funds that are raised in such cancer campaigns, help save people like herself.

Three years back, the 31 year old woman was expecting her second child and during that period suffered from excruciating pain, but after undergoing tests, Canadian doctors diagnosed her with bone cancer, or chondrosarcoma.

Specialists treating sarcoma in Toronto said that they actually had to cut her body into half to get to the non-treatable cancer.

While operating on her, the problem that the doctors faced was relating putting her leg back with the body, but with some expert consultation, it was achieved.

After three years from then, she is all hale and hearty.

She is cancer-free, but she knows that cancer could strike back anytime, so she tries to be careful; however, she is full of life.