Heatwave Death Toll Reaches 11,000 in Moscow, Authorities Condemned for Negligence

In the wake of the extreme heatwave that has been witnessed in Russia, the death count in Moscow is reported to be as high as 11,000. The figure was divulged by the city officials to the AFP on Friday.

The Russian capital encountered 10,935 cases due to the dense smog and the severe temperatures, which were seen in the last two months of July and August. With the recorded death counts, a drastic increase of
60% has been seen, which is more than double in the capital.

The recent heatwave has been termed as the worst in the history of the country, as the nation was enveloped by the heat wave, which was deemed to be a lethal mixture of smog and smoke from the wildfires. Since, the Russian authorities did not act promptly in dealing with the situation, the authorities have received criticism.

Not adopting a transparent approach, the federal authorities had declined to divulge any details of the death counts in Moscow. Also, no public announcement was made of the same.

Further, the Health Ministry woke up on August 30 and announced that the death rate had augmented by as much as 50% for the month of July in Moscow.