Millennium Development Goals and Condom Use!

Discussions are about to initiate at the United Nations HQs in New York with world leaders and envoys talking about the Millennium Development Goals.

A letter printed in Science did not refer to Roman Catholic opposition to condoms neither its appearances seem to be connected with the Pope’s trip.

The authors of the letter, belonging mainly to health field, with Willard Cates of FHI as the leader, have argued that in these economic times the society all over the world must put into use lucrative interventions supporting the MDGs.

They have argued that when women use condoms, the chances of having babies are delayed.

Women living in some regions have been facing a lot of challenges concerning easy access to family planning resources.

Once the summit on the MDG is over, the UN’s special day on biodiversity would start that is going to be commissioned by Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

People in developing nations who say that condoms must not be used are feeling the pressure now.

When Bush was in governance, the management prohibited funding health projects abroad that advertized use of condoms, since there were reasons attached with Christianity but not Catholicism.