Libido in Women Gets ‘Boosted’ With Placebo Pill

Almost one-third women administered with a placebo pill so as to boost libido level in them said that the placebo showed positive results and they saw improvements in sex lives.

Researchers said this showed there was clear relation between mind and body concerning sexual arousal and desire to have sex.

Following introduction of drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, they completely transformed the treatment for sexual dysfunction in men in the later parts of 1990, and after that a number of other trials were carried out hoping that the drugs would show similar results in reviving sexual desire in women.

But, the drugs did not show any positive results.

However, in the most recent times, researchers looked at Cialis data and saw that 35% did get positive results with the placebo that was given to them, where not only psychological aspects of sex improved but also, other aspects such as frequent orgasm or lubrication.

Study Author, Andrea Bradford, a post-doctoral fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said that all the things in terms of intercourse, whether it is about psychological or physical aspect, improved.

With time, the sex drive in women fades, but with the placebo, it seemed to have made a good level comeback.