Prozac can Reduce Premenstrual Symptoms

More than half of women suffer from premenstrual symptoms, which causes both physical and emotional trauma. But shortly with the help of a low-dose medicine, it might be easier to deal with premenstrual problems.

Researchers at the Birmingham University say that low doses of the anti-depression drug Prozac can be beneficial in the reduction of the premenstrual symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, irritability, headaches, and joint pains.

Thelma Lovick, who is a neuroscientist at the University of Birmingham and who is the leading researcher of the study, says that if the results of the clinical trial will be positive then within a period of two years the drug could be used to treat the problems of premenstrual syndrome.

The statistics show that around 75% of women experience the monthly symptoms that are linked with the menstrual cycle and around 30 to 40% have suffer from severe symptoms.

Pfizer Company is the maker of Prozac drug. The medicine is now off-patent and is sold in the market by the name of fluoxetine.

The scientists have noticed that PMS symptoms happen because of the sharp monthly decline of a steroid called allopregnanolone or allo and low doses of Prozac helps in smoothing out this decline.

Dr. Lovick said, “The solution to PMS could be as simple as taking a pill for a few days towards the end of your menstrual cycle”.