Fake MD Arrested By Police in Miami for Involvement in Buttocks Injection Case

It was not surprising for state health inspectors to learn about the case wherein a woman in Miami was approached while she was in the parking lot regarding improving the way her buttocks looked.

A comparable case occurred 10 years back, i. e. in 2001, when a woman from Carol City succumbed after she was jabbed, and a South Carolina man was sentenced to prison.

An investigator for the Florida Department of Health, who did not want to be identified, said that the practice never went out since it did and still is continuing in some way or the other.

In a few cases, the substance that is used in injections is not even silicon or Botox but industrial liquids that comprise Super Glue or a product known as ‘Fix-a-Flat’.

Wednesday saw the police of Miami catch hold of Ana Josefa Sevilla after they said that she somehow persuaded a woman, aged 22 to get some changes done in the shape of her buttocks to make them look attractive, as Sevilla said that she was a trained doctor.

Donia Rodriguez said that Sevilla told her that she could fix her buttocks and give them nice shape.

After undergoing procedure, Rodriguez developed severe infection and then she decided to file a complaint against Sevilla.