MLAs to Discuss Donagh Brothers’ Matter

Health and Justice Committees are scheduled for a tabling on Monday as the controversies over the return of two corrupt brothers into the community they are alleged to have maltreated.

The two brothers are blamed to have abused children in Donagh for over 30 years.

The tabling is aimed to address and solve the outstanding queries that hover around the return of the McDermott Brothers to the village of Donagh.

Sinn Féin Deputy Chair of the Health Committee Michelle O'Neill summoned a joint meeting on Thursday following revelations that the Lord Chief Justice had ordered to ponder into the matter as to why the controversial decision was announced.

The Lord Chief Juott brothers had posted to the Justice Minister describing the situation that made them go back to the community.

He posited that the judge had announced a decision in favor of a return to the Co Fermanagh village primarily on the grounds of advice posted by the health experts.

Trust Chief Executive Elaine said: "The Judge in the case heard a whole range of evidence from a number of health and social care professionals, took account of victim impact statements, police reports and other organizations, so the decision was made by the Judge on 18 June".