Albertans Deliver a Report of How Canada Health Act Should Be

On Thursday, 1,300 Albertans from 23 communities wrapped up the work that they started four months ago releasing a report which directly states that the Albertans want a new provincial health act that would encompass patient charter and the establishment of a health advocate.

The final version of the report was written by Edmonton Conservative MLA Fred Horne, along with an advisory committee, and it was published in Calgary. This report included 15 recommendations that the residents of Alberta would like to see in the new health legislation act, the Canada Health Act, which would be introduced in the fall.

Fred Horne said, "The recommendations in this report, shaped by Albertans, lay out a framework for moving forward on new health legislation and improvements to the health system and most importantly deliver a clear message: Albertans want a health system that puts people first".

This system, according to the Albertans, should deal with more than just the ways to treat the patients but also to meet the needs of the patient, on the personal level. The system should be ‘receptive and responsive’ to the concerns of the patients and to address the public.