‘Fill the Boot’ Campaign Held for Raising Funds for Muscular Dystrophy

A ‘Fill the Boot’ fund-raising campaign was organised by Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The firefighters participated in great number in the event and are happy with the amount of money they were able to collect.

Tim McDermott, who is the second Vice President of the Norman Professional Firefighters Association, said that firefighters raised $19,375 and a few cents, which is around $5,000 more as compared to the previous years’ collection.

During the campaign, Norman firefighters were present at various crossroads and collected money from passing motorists.

It is apposite to know that since 1954, firefighters all over Canada have supported Muscular Dystrophy Canada. They are MDC’s major fundraiser.

Last year, firefighters from B. C. and Yukon managed to collect $680,000 in donations.

The firefighters started taking more interest in muscular dystrophy, when a few years ago, the Boston Fire Department helped a family that was financially pressed to provide treatment for their child suffering from this illness.

Muscular dystrophy is either a genetically inherited disease or can develop through a mutation.

The disease leads to a breakdown in voluntary muscle tissue, which gets replaced with connective tissue and fat.

Due to the disease, the person faces difficulty in mobility, speech, and can even lose the ability to breathe.