Apple’s iOS 4.2 to make iPad better

Apple has released the beta version of its iOS 4.2 operating system with many striking features intended to make company’s mobile devices better.

The iOS 4.2 adds wireless printing, folders and threaded e-mail to the Apple’s widely popular iPad. Addition of folders will bring clarity and cleanliness to the iPad. It is hard to understand why the company took so much time to add folders to the iPad as the feature had been added to the iPhone with iOS 4.

Multitasking is not a new feature to iOS 4, but it is the most important feature added to the iPad.

Multitasking on the iPad works in the same way as it works on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The user is just requiring hitting the Home button twice and an app drawer emerges at the bottom of the screen. In the drawer, the iPad shows apps running in the background, and the users tap an app to switch to it instantly with a feature known as Fast App Switching.

AirPlay allows iPad users to stream music and video to the iPad from a networked PC, Apple TV or a storage device. The AirPrint feature allows printing from the iPad to a networked printer.

In addition, iOS 4.2 offers a choice of three fonts, which includes Helvetica and Chalkboard.

The final version of Apple’s iOS 4.2 is scheduled for launch in November 2010. The company could tweak a few things between now and then.