YouView is really exciting: new CEO

The upcoming web-connected television service YouView, which was previously known as Project Canvass, has been described as “really exciting” by company’s chief executive Richard Halton.

Mr. Halton said that YouView service is for those who can’t pay for subscription television. He added that the new service would make television a more diverse, rich and interactive experience.

Speaking on YouView, Halton added, "It feels great to have one of those days that's a little bit about the channels and also about getting the consumer brand away.”

YouView, which is backed by terrestrial broadcasters BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT and TalkTalk, will provide consumers with an access to Freeview channels and websites BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

The potential service will be available through a set-top box that will cost around 200 pounds. The service will challenge subscription television services like that of Sky’s.

Rivals Sky and Virgin Media have being opposing YouView since its inception. Rivals have lodged official complaints with the telecommunications regulator Ofcom, asking it ban the potential service as it could hurt competition in the market.