Potent tool for 'tea party' political campaigns: the 'attack tweet'

The recent most war of words can easily be fought with what is called as the latest weapon in the name of social networking termed as the 'attack tweet’.

It is claimed that political insurgents are making news about the happenings at the "tea party" that also roll over GOP regulars from New York to Colorado all with one tool, the ‘attack tweet’ campaign.

This mode of operation comes handy for many as in the case of the long-shot candidacy of Barack Obama back in '08, or in case of Sarah Palin who has set her tone in regard with tweets, which falls under the category of progressive opponents " or the cackle of rads" to naming the president's agenda "backasswards."

The recent comments were lingered to the Delaware Senate race amidst GOP Rep. Mike Castle and tea partier Christine O’Donnell. Ms. O'Donnell's camping which comprised of individual comments, which comprises of complaints which also favored as conservative woman, says Republican strategist David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision.

The tweets supposedly form a chain of interactive sessions amidst followers and candidates, in form of tweets and messages. Sometimes the tweets make the political scenario look ugly as stated by political scientist Matthew Hale of Seton Hall University in South Orange, N.J., but he quickly adds: "We often think that new technology will only be used for 'good,' yet time and time again people use it for ‘bad’. "

In case of Obama camping the usage of social media was clearly seen and as Mr. Torossian states, “I have no doubt that Obama the incumbent will be running a much different campaign in 2012 than he ran in 2008.”

The platform offers an opportunity to speak to the world unfiltered by a large business or political interest, says Jonathan Askin of Brooklyn Law School, who was on Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign tech task force.