Drug Injecting Centre Still in Controversies

After authorities announced that Sydney will provide permanent trial facility, the first drug injecting center will be soon launched in Australia.

Plans for making a center in Kings Cross, which is an official part of the state's health system, have been announced by the Government of New South Wales.

However, the injecting centre continues to be in controversy even after its nine year of examination. Some appreciate its work, whereas some believe that it is rather more harmful than helpful.

The decision of the Government has been welcomed by politicians, health authorities, Police, local business owners and drug users.

Dr. Ingrid Van Beek, the Founding Director of the Centre, is shocked to hear the news from the Government.

"It's been so long coming that I was almost in a state of suspended disbelief. I am very excited and pleased that after all this time, finally this decision has been made”, she said.

The Kings Cross centre, which was opened in May 2001, has been examined by Secretary, Gary Christian of Drug Free Australia.

Mr. Christian and his team of researchers believe that the center is not at all helpful for the people and the Government should invest money in rehab facilities, rather than wasting money on the development of drug injecting center.