Pink Ribbon Campaign for Breast Cancer

The National Breast Cancer Foundation will hold a yearly fundraising campaign next month. The people are requested to donate according to their capabilities. They are also asked to attend ‘Pink Ribbon Breakfast’ as part of a campaign, which will have the support of radio personality, Sami Lukis.

Sami is the Triple M Sydney’s Breakfast ‘Grill Team’ member and has started taking interest in this campaign, after her aunt Annette was diagnosed with breast cancer, in the year 2004.

She further added, “My aunty Annette’s breast cancer diagnosis certainly made our whole family really appreciate the small things, like simply having breakfast together”.

She mentioned that Pink Ribbon Breakfast is certainly on her wish list, as without this, she might not get a chance to have breakfast with her aunt.

On the other hand, SheInspires com au is also getting ready for Breast Cancer Awareness month and is planning to give Pink Ribbon themed jewellery prizes.

The online competition will be free of cost and people can take part by visiting the website sheinspires com au/win.

The winners will get a jewellery prize pack that will have Troll sterling silver bracelet and two pink charms, the Retired Julian charm and the Pink Gold charm of worth $196.

It is worth mentioning that in Australia, most women suffer from breast cancer than any other disease, and one out of every nine is detected with this cancer by the age of 85.