Horse Desertion on Rise This Year

With two more horses adding to the abandon animals, Humane Society of the United States has declared $2,500 as reward for those providing information about the parties blamable for the horses’ neglect and abuse.

Out of the three horses that were found since July, one was a 3-year-old gelding, who was discovered in July, in a starved condition. He was weak, underweight and had been burned with cigarettes. Another was found in August, a pure-bred mare and her filly foal, which was thin, starved and in a deadly condition.

All the three horses were taken to the Grace Foundation by Sacramento County animal control officers. Beth DeCaprio, Executive Director stated that those two cases were the severe cases of brutality and people had abandoned them intentionally, to die. The foundation provides shelter to 124 horses and this year, it has got 21 abandoned horses.

Adding to this, she told that this year is the worst of all the years and she hoped that the increased animal abandonment cases would raise awareness among the people.

Ruben Hernandez, supervising animal control officer with Sacramento County, "People cannot provide care for them and they just leave them in the country, hoping somebody else will take care of them". He added that there has been a large animal desertion, over the past 2 1/2 years.