Aspirin Reduces Risk of Bowel Cancer

A recent published online in the journal Gut revealed that taking light dose of Aspirin regularly could check bowel cancer.

The research was carried out on 2,800 people with bowel cancer and other 3,000 with sound health. They were made to complete questionnaires on food frequency and lifestyle, so as to analyze their diet and lifestyle patterns that contribute to bowel cancer risk. Other factors like age, sex, and residential locality were also taken into consideration.

The intake of four tablets a month of Aspirin or other related drugs were categorized as NSAID (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug). The participants were studied over a period of five years for their probability of developing bowel cancer.

It was found that 354 of the patients with bowel cancer were taking low dose of aspirin in comparison to 526 of their healthy counterparts. The intake of NSAID reduced the chance of having bowel cancer in those who were taking aspirin, as compared to those who were not taking the same.

The risk of getting affected with bowel cancer decreased 22% after taking low dose of 75g of aspirin after a year; the figure rose to 30% after five years. During the study, 1023 people succumbed to the bowel disease.

The experts said, “Doubling the dose did not lead to any extra benefit, suggesting the lowest dose of aspirin is effective and benefits were apparent even at one year”.