Councillor Denies Issuing of Parking Tickets on QHC Property

The City council closely scrutinized an appeal to name designate bylaw enforcement officials at Belleville General Hospital. However, it received a clean chit of health.

It was reported that Quinte Health Care’s request to allow nine employees to issue parking tickets on QHC property caught the attention of one Councilor, who recommended that the request should be turned down as of now.

Coun. Bob Dolan said, “If we don't grant this does it mean they won't have anybody to ticket the cars? If that's the case I would like to deny this request because Quinte Health Care … is causing a municipal problem”.

He added that till the time, they do not receive any assistance from Quinte Health Care in relation to parking; he doesn’t deem that it makes any sense to lend a helping hand to them and provide them by law enforcement officials, with the intention that they can issue parking ticket to cars.

Over a passage of time, the City has witnessed a big surge in parking issues in Belleville's east hill region. This rise is because both employees and visitors of Belleville General Hospital park alongside the streets in the hospital's area.