Sony PlayStation Move to hit UK on Friday

Sony’s motion controller PlayStation Move is all set to hit European markets, with Britain getting the motion controller on Friday, September 17, ahead of North America where the much–awaited device will be available on September 19.

Move, which makes use of the PlayStation Eye webcam rather than a sensor bar, is a sensitive device with extremely accurate character and object control.

The Move will be available for just 34.99 pounds, but players will also require the PlayStation Eye camera that will cost additional 24.99 pounds. However, a PlayStation Move bundle, which includes Move, Eye camera and a title called Sports Champions, will also be available at reasonable price.

Heavy Rain video game is also getting a whole new Move Edition; some other games including Flower, Toy Story 3, MAG and Pain will also likely be prepared to take advantage of the upcoming motion controls.

Sony’s PlayStation Move will have to face cut-throat competition Microsoft’s motion control peripheral, called Kinect, which will hit the UK store shelves in November.