New love relation costs two close friends

Falling in love costs two close friends, a fresh research has revealed.

Researchers at the Oxford University interviewed 540 adults with an average age of 28, and found that whenever someone stated a new romantic relationship he/she lost two members of his/her inner circle of friends.

Explaining the reason behind losing friend, researchers said that one of the inner circle friends is sacrificed to make space for the new partner, and the other is lost after being ignored for too long.

Psychologists believe the people have around five inner circle friends, and one sacrifices two of these friends for a new relationship.

Revealing the study at the British Science Festival at Aston University, Birmingham, Professor Dunbar said, "Bearing in mind that one of those is the new person who has come into your life; it means you've had to give up two others."

Professor Dunbar added that the intimacy of relationship correlates with the frequency of the communications between those involved.

Earlier also, differed studies claimed that friendships can fade if sufficient efforts are not made to maintain them.