Gigantic solar array proposal reaches the next stage

With an aim to move towards being largely dependent on the renewable energy resources, the California Energy Commission has recently approved a plan to build the largest solar array in the world. It is to be mentioned here that the array is expected to be build on the Eastern Riverside County.

It is believed that the construction of the same will begin by late end of November of early December this year.

However, the construction decision also depends on the Bureau of Land Management that owns the land at the proposed site.

It may be noted here that the project is expected to be spread across 6,000 acres and it is expected to generate close to 1,000 megawatts of electricity. The magnitude of the power expected to be generates has a capacity to power at least 80,000 homes.

Uwe Schmidt, Chairman ODF the Solar Millennium said in a statement that the facility will demonstrate how renewable energy resources will power the dreams of California's future.

For the uninitiated, the California State Laws also persuade the state's investor owned utilities to generate at least 20% of its electricity via renewable sources.