Chase still suffering from online problems

While the computer problems have continued to disturb the consumers of Chase, it is to be mentioned here that the customers of the bank have not been able to access their accounts on its website for the second consecutive day.

Even after the bank has put in many efforts to find a solution to it, perhaps it is still not in sight. It may be noted here that bank has already restored access, but as the news hit the markets many consumers got hold of the website trying to gain access to their account.

While obviously, they were not able to do, but that in return made the servers at the bank very slow. The first problem of trouble logging in came on the Monday evening and workers worked overnight to get over with the problem.

For the record, the bank restored the servers at 1 AM on Wednesday. It is expected that this period will hit the banking company real hard as many of its consumer would like to move on. The spokesperson of the bank said that it did not put any updates as it was waiting to get clarity on the issue and mentioned that any penalty levied in this period will be refunded.